Kovida is an expert level course (for those who have done Śikṣā already) and broadly covers the following topics:

  1. Compounds (the 5 groups, and sub classes along with their derivation and usage)
  2. Secondary Nominal bases ( taddhita or secondary affixes)
  3. Passages from important Sanskrit literary authors using simple Sanskrit
  4. Biographies of important figures in Sanskrit literature
  5. Alaṅkāras (Figures of speech)
  6. Chandas (Poetic Meters)
  7. Brief introduction to Sanskrit composition and letter writing
  8. Course instruction is primarily Saṃskṛtam. Answers are expected to be written in Saṃskṛtam (in Devanāgarī script) in the exam.

Ongoing Kovida Classes:

(please contact us if you want to register for Kovida classes)

Class Level TeachersFrequency Day & Time (UK time zone)
KovidaRam Vaidya
Govinda Yelagalawadi
Mondays6.00 – 7.00 pm