If you live in the UK and have some basic knowledge of Sanskrit and would like to gain a recognized certification – Samskrita Bharati UK would like to encourage you to register for the Cambridge IGCSE Sanskrit Certification exam in 2021.

As you may be aware, this certification is well respected throughout the UK and elsewhere and is a good stepping stone to broaden your knowledge of Sanskrit while getting officially certified. 

This exam can be taken by any person regardless of age or prior knowledge (as long as you know the syllabus topics).

  The syllabus, past papers, and other information regarding the exams can be viewed at https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/programmes-and-qualifications/cambridge-igcse-sanskrit-0499/   and at http://www.sanskritexams.org.uk/exam-overview.html

The registration deadline is 31st January 2021. There will be a mock exam around February 13th/14th and the main exam usually happens in May (if it does not happen in May due to Covid, they may use your mock exam performance to estimate your grades). Further information and contact details are available in the attached document (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SeBs_7nXn4zDu2EGOEx2h2-HQkPNaum_/view?usp=sharing).

If you are planning to register and need help to prepare for the exams, please contact us through संपर्क: (Contact)