Ānanda is a 3 level course for children aged 5-12 to learn the basics of Sanskrit.
[if you are looking for a beginner’s course for adults – please go to L1 Sambhāṣaṇam (Spoken Sanskrit)].

Level 1 curriculum includes:
स्वराः [svarāḥ] Vowels
व्यञ्जनानि [vyañjanāni] Consonants
श्लोकाः [ślokāḥ] Verses
सम्भाषणम् [sambhāṣaṇam] Conversations – Mama Nāma
सम्भाषणम् [sambhāṣaṇam] Conversations – Saḥ / Eṣaḥ
सम्भाषणम् [sambhāṣaṇam] Conversations – Asti/Nāsti & Atra/Tatra
सम्भाषणम् [sambhāṣaṇam] Conversations – Sankhyā / Kriyā
कथा [kathā] Story

Level 2 & 3 course curriculum is still under preparation and will be updated here soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is this course for?
    This course is primarily meant for children aged 5-12 to learn Sanskrit letters and words from scratch.
  • Is parental guidance required?
    Yes parental guidance is recommended.
  • Will there be any classes?
    This is a self-study course, however there will be periodic mentoring sessions through zoom (to be announced later).
  • How long is the course for?
    The course is for 6 months but the child may learn at its own pace.
  • Are there any additional levels?
    Yes, there will be 3 levels, however this is the first level (which is to learn to read and write the alphabets, and pronounce them correctly when used in words). Further levels will be introduced shortly.
  • How will the child know how to pronounce and write by attending an online course such as this?
    Practice at home (with parental guidance) to read and write as given in the lessons will be required.
  • Will there be any books that are required to be bought?
    No additional books are required, but a practice book like ‘Sukekhāvalī’ to practice writing the aksharas (alphabets) may help.
  • How can my child register for the course?
    You will need to submit this form first (for registering for Ānanda Level 1), this will put the student in a waiting list and will be contacted when the next batch is about to start.
  • My child has completed the Level 1 course – what’s next?
    You will be contacted and invited to get your child registered for level 2 soon.
  • I have some other question.
    Please contact us.