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संस्कृतभारती (About us)

We are a 15 year old, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the revival of Saṃskṛtam in modern society. We believe that it is possible to bring about self-development, social change, and social harmony through the teaching and learning of Saṃskṛtam.

Our primary purpose is to popularise Saṃskṛtam as a spoken language. Conversation taught in a meaningful context allows learners to hear the language first, before studying it in a written form. The oral-based teaching
method employed by Saṃskṛta Bhāratī teachers renders language learning simple, relevant and very enjoyable. A version of direct method approach is used where classroom interaction is conducted in Saṃskṛtam and oral skills are built up in a carefully graded progression. Concrete vocabulary is taught through demonstration, objects and pictures while abstract vocabulary is taught by association of ideas. Translation is avoided, although the mother tongue is sometimes used to explain new words or to check comprehension.

We recognise that individual learners have different learning styles as well as different reasons for learning the language. We try to meet learners’ needs by offering a variety of opportunities including:

  • Pravesh (entry level) and Parichaya (2nd) classes on Skype
  • Conducting Sanskrit exams (at four levels) twice a year
  • Annual saṃbhāṣana shibirams (residential camps) for spoken sanskrit
  • Organizing workshops and lectures by Sanskrit scholars
  • Promoting Sanskrit textbooks and literature.